(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Act of discharging
1. excretion, discharge, elimination, exhalation, exudation, extrusion, ejaculation, effusion, egestion, extravasation, evacuation, dejection, defecation, urination, micturition; secretion, lactation, lacrimation. See ejection, sex, cleanness.
2. (something excreted)
a. bodily fluid, perspiration, sweat, lather, sweat of one's brow, underarm wetness.
b. bowel movement, BM, easement; stool, waste, ejecta, dejecta, excreta, offal, feces, fecal matter, excrement[um], diarrhea, flux, dysentery. Slang, trots, runs; shit, turd, caca, poopoo, crap[ola], clinkers, dingleberry, clart, number two; night soil.
c. urine, water, urea. Slang, pee-pee, number one, lant.
d. pus, suppuration, gleet, ichor.
e. hemorrhage, bleeding, flux; nosebleed.
f. menstruation, menses, monthlies, period; menstrual flux. Informal, the curse.
g. (animal waste) dung, manure; droppings, pellets, guano; cow-pie, dogdoo. Slang, bird-shit; buffalo chip, prairie fuel, alley or road apple, cow chip, calling card.
3. (something secreted)
a. mucus, catarrh, phlegm. Slang, boogie, bugger, bugaboo, snot, oyster.
b. adrenaline, bile, epinephrine, hormone, melatonin, pancreatic juice, sweat.
c. vaginal secretion, female spendings. Slang, cunt juice.
d. saliva, rheum, sputum, spittle, spit, salivation, catarrh.
e. semen, sexual discharge. Slang, come [off], cum, jism, junk, jizz, wad, joy juice, load, milk, paste, honey, butter, spooge.
4. toilet (see cleanness).
5. gland (see body).
a. excrete, eject, discharge, emit; extrude, effuse, extravasate; cast off.
b. vacuate, void, defecate, have a bowel movement, ease nature or oneself. Informal, go to the bathroom. Slang, shit, poop, dump, crap, take a shit, dump, or crap, drop one's load, fill one's pants, clart, cuck, do number two.
c. urinate, make or pass water. Informal, relieve oneself, retire, answer nature's call, go to Egypt, powder one's nose, see a man about a dog, wash up, go to the washroom or bathroom, make a pit stop, shake the dew off the lily; wet [the bed, etc. ]. Slang, piss, splash, whiz, go pee-pee, take a leak or piss, piddle, squirt, take a whiz, tinkle, kill a tree.
d. perspire, sweat, exude, break out in a sweat or a lather.
e. suppurate, fester, run.
f. hemorrhage, bleed.
g. menstruate, have one's period or monthlies.
2. secrete, produce; lactate, salivate, dribble, slaver, drool, expectorate, spit, spew; ejaculate, make one's love come down. Slang, come, cum, juice, melt, shoot one's wad, cream [one's jeans], get or come off, get one's rocks or nuts off.
1. excretive, excretory, ejective, eliminative; fecal, urinary; suppurative, festering, pussy, purulent; sweaty, clammy, drenched or bathed in sweat, sudorific; bloody; menstrual.
2. secretory, lactational, salivary, lachrymal, seminal; glandular, hormonal, endrocine, pancreatic.
Antonyms, see receiving.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [The act of excreting]
Syn. elimination, urination, evacuation, discharge, discharging, secretion, defecation, expelling, expulsion, ejecting, ejection, voiding, leaving, passing off, perspiration, sweating, exudation.
Ant. accretion, eating, receiving.
2. [The product of excretion]
Syn. waste matter, excreta, feces; see excrement .
(Roget's Thesaurus II) noun The act or process of discharging bodily wastes or foreign substances: elimination, evacuation, purgation. Medicine: catharsis. See KEEP.

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